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The State of Software Development

Modern software teams are confronted with an ever-changing set of requirements, wishes and shifting focus. On top of that, business demands that new features are quickly implemented and put into production without compromising existing functionality and quality aspects.


Continuous Delivery & DevOps

Often teams are also responsible for maintaining the acceptance and/or production environment by means of CI/CD pipelines. Teams need to not only develop the software but also have the capabilities to ensure the software can be put into production in a controlled fashion.


HyperDev CI/CD

HyperDev provides teams with all the tools necessary for proper CI/CD pipelines. Not only will you get the tools, but they will also be configured and ready for use, including an example pipeline.


HyperDev Dashboard

The HyperDev Dashboard makes it easy to run your own development setup. You can create an ad-hoc development and test environments through simple, one-click deployments. All functionality is readily available through a well-defined API. This makes for really simple CI/CD pipelines.


Build on Docker

HyperDev is built on top of Docker - the leading tool in containerization. The platform uses standards, such as docker-compose, to ensure a smooth transition to production and integration with all of your other services. Using Docker Swarm, we ensure maximum resource utilization.

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Secure Cloud

HyperDev runs a private cloud per tenant on top of virtual servers located in The Netherlands. All services (CI/CD tooling and your own applications) are accessible through a VPN. This way we ensure the safety of your data.


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