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  • Platform

€950,- per month

HyperDev Dashboard

The HyperDev Dashboard exposes a Graphical User Interface and API for managing application definitions (docker-compose+), services (Docker Stacks) and storage (buckets). The dashboard is aimed at software engineers and QA (testing + reporting). Consequently, it is easy to use and supports all CI/CD preconditions.

Compute Cluster

The compute cluster is a Docker Swarm. You will get your own cluster of multiple nodes with a total of 48GB memory and 12 processing cores. It is used for running all CI/CD services such as Jenkins, SonarQube, Docker Registry, as well as your own applications. It is backed by the Persisted Storage. Because of this setup, it is easy to extend the cluster with extra memory and cores. Applications can safely run next to each other, using smart memory limits.

Dedicated Jenkins Build Server

In order to build software and make use of Jenkins CI pipelines, it is essential to have a dedicated build server. You will get full access to this build server (via SSH) and be able to run any build scenario. The build server has 4GB of memory and will run on 2 cores. The operating system we use is CentOS 7.

Persisted Storage

The persisted storage will store all data buckets for HyperDev and has initial capacity of 200GB. One can, of course, always purchase more. The persisted storage runs NFS on LVM so it is easy to scale up the storage without any downtime. In order to keep control of the data created through the CI/CD pipelines, the platform will periodically run cleanup scripts.

Secure VPN

Security is an essential part of any platform. That is why we configure and run an OpenVPN server to allow you to connect to services running on HyperDev. Users can run an OpenVPN client to connect and make sure their data remains safe.

Development Environment

The development environment consists of the HyperDev Dashboard and the Compute Cluster. Together they create what we like to call a 'Continuous destroyment' setup. This allows users to create new instances of different versions of the application you are developing as throw-aways. It's as easy as start (an instance) -> check (run tests against it) -> stop (free up resources). No more dedicated Development and Test environments with mismatching configurations, maintained by expensive IT experts. Leverage the potential of containerization in your development process!

CI/CD Environment

In order to actually have proper CI/CD pipelines, you need the right tools. All the tools required to run our example application and setup will be provided to you - no more struggling for weeks until everything is connected! Start delivering customer value from day one!


All data in the persisted storage is backed up every 4 hours and is kept at least 2 days. There is also a weekly backup available for up to 5 weeks. Data can be recovered at your request.

User Accounts

You will get access to the platform (VPN and LDAP accounts) for up to 10 users. You have a big project and need more users? No worries, more user accounts can be purchased at any time.

Technical support

The HyperDev team is ready to help you with all technical issues. We have a service desk that is available during office hours (8:00 - 20:00) for platform related questions and incidents.

  • Consultancy

Starting at €2000,- per month

The Platform package

Of course everything from the platform package is included. You just pay the regular base price with added consultancy hours.

Custom integrations

Together with our consultants we help you to integrate existing systems with HyperDev. Both on-premise and cloud services can easily be integrated.

Consultancy and support

Our consultants help you setup, configure and integrate HyperDev in your company. They provide first line support.


Our consultants are available to provide you with expert trainings regarding our platform or DevOps practices in general.

HyperDev Addons

  • Extra Cluster Resources

  • €280,- per month
  • 16GB memory, 4 cores
  • Extra compute resources for the HyperDev cluster
  • Extra Persisted Storage

  • €55,- per month
  • 100GB
  • Adds extra storage to the HyperDev cluster
  • Extra Jenkins Build Machine

  • €115,- per month
  • 4GB memory, 2 cores
  • Dedicated build node for Jenkins
  • Extra Users

  • €200,- per month
  • Access for 10 extra users


What is included in the default development environment setup?
The default CI/CD setup includes the following preconfigured tools; Gitlab, Jenkins, SonarQube, Docker Registry, Example Application with Tests and an Example continuous delivery pipeline.
Can I buy additional memory or computing power?
Yes, we offer additional cluster nodes to extend your environment. See above for pricing.
Can I buy additional storage?
Yes, we offer additional persisted storage to extend your environment. See above for pricing.
Can I integrate my existing cloud or on-premise tools/services?
Yes, we offer consultancy through our implementation partners. Contact us for more information.
Can I add additional user accounts?
Yes, the default package includes up to 10 user accounts. Extra users can be added to your environment. See above for pricing.
Contact us for any further questions at info@hyperdev.io.

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